Tuesday, 28 April 2009


In Athens, for the European Commission's biodiversity conference, with the EU clearly destined to miss its target of halting the decline in biodiversity by 2010, and a minimum 30pc decline in world biodiversity recorded since 1970.

In my speech I pointed out that one species was not in decline, and that having trebled its population in 50 years humans were making rabbits look sexually inadequate. "The ecological footprint of the EU is that of someone in steel capped boots."

Politicians are frightened to mention the reality of explosive population growth for fear of being accused of wanting to introduce coercive policies, or of rich-poor hypocrisy, I said. But the West relies on developing nations staying poor because if they had the same consumption levels as us the planet's resources would be gone in a flash.

Europe's high population could be gently reduced just by increasing the average age of first children, and the first step was to make sure the subject was on the political agenda and up for public debate.

"Very brave," whispered Tony Long, international director of WWF.

One male questioner implied that I was in favour of eugenics, euthanasia, female sterilisation, and girl child infanticide, which I thought a little extreme. "Dishonest in the context of the biodiversity issue," I replied.

Later, in response to a point from Tony about the use of resources for meat production, I said that I gave up eating meat more than 20 years ago, had found it easy, but did not know how to counter the image amongst so many people in developing nations that meat eating is a demonstration of affluence.

"Hitler was a vegetarian," muttered my questioner.


Anonymous said...

By the way Chris, Hitler was not a vegetarian, so relax

neil craig said...

The problem, from your point of view, with "LibDem" policy of our police kidnapping & dissecting innocent people to sell their body organs is that it will thus tend to prevent others dying. Still a step towards your overall anti-human objective.

Of course the party support the "Green" policy of the continuing genocide of 1 1/2 million African kids annually pn the grounds that there is no "better way to get rid of them".

McDuff said...

OK, does anybody know what Neil Craig is talking about?

Mr Davies: are you allowed to call "Godwin's Law" on other members of the EU parliament? I would have hoped that the body would not be filled with what appear to be the real life equivalents of internet forum trolls. Ah well.

neil craig said...


Among many other thinfs. Surely you remember how this fot front page coverage in every sinle honest British newspaper & denounced in Parliament by every single non-Nazi MP (which obviously does not include Davies)