Monday, 4 May 2009


My speech on Israel-Palestine was made under the one-minute rule, a procedure that allows members at the opening of parliament to speak briefly on any subject they choose. It's amazing how one minute can be used to good effect if words are chosen well, which sadly is all too rarely the case.

My contribution was far from my best. In mitigation I was put off my stride by having previously heard Ashley Mote make his last ever speech. Elected for UKIP he now sits as an independent, but the denouncement of all aspects of EU finances and the value of the Parliament was vintage stuff.

No one in the visitors' gallery will have known that he spent 4 months of his 5-year term in prison - for benefit fraud.

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Kerry said...

Hi Chris,

well done on speaking on this elephant in the moral dining room. Am now back from my tour in Helmand and am dusting off my Lib Dem Friends of Palestine cobwebs and hope to be at the September Conference to rejoin the fray.

Kind regards