Thursday, 4 June 2009


At 5.00am I'm out delivering 'Good Morning' leaflets to homes around where I live. The election debate may be dominated now by the fate of Gordon Brown but this is the way my election days have started for the past 31 years.

"Vote Liberal Democrat!" it says. Sure, but where's the local content? This is Oldham East & Saddleworth, one of the only constituencies we have won outright in past European elections. I've lived here since 1986. I've been the MP for much of it. Some people locally have voted for me up to six times in the past. But from the leaflet you would hardly know I had any connection with the area. It's a wasted opportunity to exploit a unique selling point.

And who decided that a national message was appropriate here, emblazoning the leaflet with the slogan: "Ready to make a change?"

I'm the MEP. It's not change I want. It's 5 more years!


Mark said...

Hope voters in the northwest have the good sense to reelect you, Chris.

Jimmy said...

Do you not have any control over the content of your own election literature? Or do you leave all the publications to Central Office, who are ashamed of the way you have managed to alienate so many British Jewish voters. Maybe you are not the USP that you think you are.

As far as change goes, I thought that is exactly what you wanted to see in the European Parliament and the associated gravy train. If a vote for the Lib Dems is a vote for no change, then I'll have to vote UKIP.