Thursday, 17 September 2009


My first speech of the new session in the Parliament was a call for action against Israel's continuing economic siege of Gaza. Nothing is being allowed through the checkpoints for reconstruction, for business, or to create jobs and foster hope (no wonder extremist attitudes grow). "1.5 million people are being subjected to collective punishment," I said.

The following day the UN inquiry into Israel's assault on Gaza concluded that the incursion was "a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorise a civilian population, radically diminish its local economic capacity...and to force upon it an ever-increasing sense of dependency and vulnerability."

My press officer drafted a news release. It was headed: "UN BACKS DAVIES."

Not quite!


neil craig said...

Obviously if you were not a racist you would have objected to such things when they happen to other races.

Instead you have totally supported racial genocide, ethnic cleansing & worse when it is carried out by people like Nazis, NATO & the"Liberal Democrats".

Your objection to Jews defending themselves from people atempting their genocide is entirely because you personally are a murdering racist Nazi. It is impossible for anybody who is not a Nazi to be a member of your party. I assume, with your political principles you will, if you cannot dispute this, simply censor it.

Anonymous said...

Nice post and Chris you are doing very well for speaking out on this issue.

On another note, my blog was listed higher then Chris'. There are some things that constituents are good at one of them is blogging!