Thursday, 22 October 2009


A motion condemning restrictions on press freedom, particularly in Italy, is put to the vote in the European Parliament.

The result: 338 in favour, 338 against. No majority in favour. The motion is rejected.

One side of the chamber erupts in cheers and wild delight. No doubt Berlusconi and his pals in Rome raised a glass of champagne to their lips.

The most persuasive argument came from those who said that no one country should be singled out for criticism, but this is exactly what we MUST do. The EU embraces fine principles about freedom and democracy - they are enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty - but by not pointing a finger at those who transgress we do little to uphold them.

And where were the UKIP and Conservative MEPs when the vote took place? Firmly in the camp of the Berlusconi forces of darkness, helping to fail freedom.

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