Sunday, 14 November 2010


I have received complaints from readers of this blog. "China is all very well," they say, "but what's happened to the cat?"

We took Paddy to the vet yesterday; compared to a fortnight ago he is much recovered. But there is no denying that he is an old cat, well into his 80s in human terms.

He is eating well, but remains a thin shadow of his middle-aged self. He is also almost blind and almost deaf. The hair has come off his front paws (the vet gave him a steroid shot for that, but maybe it's stress at being almost blind). And every now and again he misses a step, slipping sideways as though practicing a Norman Wisdom routine.

Anyway, Paddy is quite comfortable; sleeps lying on the stairs a good deal (not a good place!); purrs gently when stroked. All in all, a cat in genteel and gentle decline.

But I'm glad still to have him around.

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dougf said...

"But I'm glad still to have him around."

I likes me my cats and dog. The dog thinks he is the leader and the cats are the pack. I can easily tell some of the cats are getting annoyed with one another somewhere because the dog races off barking at them to become 'calm'. Pretty funny.

Glad to hear that your old guy is doing as well as can be expected and a gentle and genteel decline is about as much as anyone could hope for.
Thanks for the update. Best wishes.