Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Average emissions from new cars on the European market fell to 153gCO2/km for 2008, the steepest drop since records began to be collected a decade ago. It means that cars are becoming more fuel efficient, and shows the value of the EU legislation that has set CO2 reduction targets for manufacturers.

MEPs helped shape the new law so how well are we putting our words into practice?

In 2009 the European Parliament bought 4 cars for the use of its president, secretary general and political group leaders, with emissions ranging from 193 to 224 gCO2/km (mind you, this was quite a reduction on 2008). Two BMW cars (192) and four Mercedes (154) were also bought for the 'pool.'

We are getting better but still not practising what we preach. The powers that be are still wedded to the idea that high status is demonstrated by a high emitting vehicle, and are failing to take proper regard of some of the impressive low emission cars now on the market.

I feel an amendment to the Parliament's budget coming on....

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