Monday, 22 February 2010


If Gordon Brown is to be believed he and I have one thing in common, neither of us has ever hit anyone - although I have many times been sorely tempted. On the other hand I have three times been pushed around (assaulted?) by Labour councillors over the years, twice in Liverpool (by Derek Hatton on one occasion) and once in Oldham.

I have also exploded in rage and resorted to expletives on occasion in moments of stress, although I can't recall a recent occasion.

I was at my worst during the 1978 campaign when I first stood for election to Liverpool city council. My agent bore up well under pressure. Nothing since then seems so bad, although I did jump up and down and destroy a briefcase during the 1992 general election out of sheer frustration with my then agent (Howard Sykes, now leader of Oldham council) who had decided that the candidate was not included on his 'need to know' list.

Anyway, none of my staff have been seized by the lapels, either because I have mellowed with age, or because they are too nice, or too scary.


Danny said...

What's the Number for that anti-bullying hotline, and do I have to be a Tory before they take notice? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny.

Could not agree more.

However, i find that Mr Davies takes a rather strange line from time to time.

But such is life.

Bullying is bullying.

And rape is rape.