Thursday, 2 April 2009


The Parliament's environment committee has met for the last time before the European elections, with goodbyes to all the members who already know that they will not be returning, and warm words about how much work we have done together.

The committee will not meet again (except for a formal session to confirm the appointment of a new chair) for 5 months. Even though this happens only once every 5 years it seems an extraordinary gap. I only wish we could afford such a relaxed approach to the environental problems facing humanity.


neil craig said...

Good title.

Obviously you know the whole "warming crisis", aling with the new ice age crisis, the ozone hole crisis, the "100s of millions will starve" crisis, the acid rain crisis, the death of all sea life, the death of most species crisis, the peak oil crisis & indeed the witchcraft crisis are all simply lies told by fascist politicians trying to increase their power.

Chris Davies said...

Witchcraft crisis? Tell me more!

neil craig said...

Even by the standards of those who believe in censorship, censoring a reply to a specific request for more information is pretty scummy.

Chris Davies said...

Your comment was moderated because it was libellous of Lord Ashdown.
If you want to try again without the defamation then it will likely be published.