Friday, 23 October 2009


I was worried that my fellow North West MEP would manage to appear just a little bit warm and 'cuddly', or even worse that he might emerge as the brave defender of honourable views being bullied by the establishment.

But no, to my mind he just looked ridiculous. Is there anyone that the BNP doesn't hate, or fear is out to do down the "English"? (Incidentally, if Griffin so loves England why does he live in Wales?).

I don't rule out the idea of a future debate with him in the region we both represent but I doubt that such an exchange would be of any value. You can't have a serious discussion about policies to shape the future with someone who sees demons in the dark, and who is so beset by conspiracy theories that there is no room for the complexities and contradictions of the real world.

So has all the coverage done the BNP a power of good; after all, it's said that all publicity is good publicity?

But when Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe was charged with conspiracy to murder in the mid-1970s I remember using those as words of comfort and condolence.

I was wrong!


neil craig said...

Say what you like about Nick Griffin but at least he isn't a racist, genocidal, pro-nazi war criminal like the leaders of the LibDems.

Oh yes - & he doesn't have an illiberal support of censorship like you.

RDM said...

Just so that everyone knows what is happening here, Neil Craig has left a series of comments for publication on this blog that have been libellous about various members of the Liberal Democrats. Where Neil leaves comments that are merely nonsense they are published. Where he leaves comments that are libellous they are not.

Obs said...

So, this is a nutter posting nutty words about a blog written about another nutter?

Huzzah for teh internets.

neil craig said...

Since none of the people named, oncluding all senior members of the party, have decided it is not possible to sue, or even to deny having supported such activities they are clearly not libelous. Therefore if you are being honest about censoring libel then the claim that anything I said is libelous (or even in any way less than wholly true) would have been censored. Therefore what we are seeing is simply censorship to assist in Nazi war crimes. QED

PS Obs statement would seem to be libelous, or has he some sort of medical qualification? I ask Mr Davies to apologise for allowing this libelous comment & we will see if he is sincere.