Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Parliament's budget is getting its annual consideration, so this is the time to consider reforms. A range of proposals have been put to the vote at the Budgetary Control Committee.

REJECTED - attempts to ensure that our procurement policies are transparent, competitive and free from the taint of corruption.

REJECTED - attempts to prevent the will of the parliament not to use taxpayers' money to top up the deficit in the MEPs' pension fund being frustrated by our own governing body.

REJECTED - a bid (from me) to ensure that any MEP has the right to view reports by our internal auditor.

REJECTED - a bid (also by me) to ensure that MEPs need never lose out financially if they regularly buy non-transferable economy air tickets instead of business class ones.

An alliance between the right of centre (EPP) and the left of centre groups ripped the guts out of the reform proposals.

Now the parties who want reform must table some key amendments on core issues of principle. For the votes in parliament we need to rally our side to defeat the forces of darkness.

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