Wednesday, 7 January 2009


The double standards are nauseating.

The EU makes demands of Palestinians and backs them up by refusing to recognise their elected representatives and by cutting off financial support. We make requests to the Israelis (lift the economic blockade, stop the expansion of settlements, etc) and when they are ignored we reward them by strengthening our partnership.

Tzipi Livni says that Israel can not accept terrorism. Well just exactly who is doing the terrorising now?

Nick Clegg is the first of the main political leaders to demand that we back our words with some deeds. His call today for suspension of the enhancements to the EU-Israel agreement, and for an arms embargo, is hugely welcome. It draws a line in the sand and sends out a message that we should no longer accept that Israeli government actions are those of a 'normal' democratic partner.

Israel has rights but it has also has responsibilities that it must start to exercise. Let's no longer make demand of Palestinians and Hamas without making equivalent demands of Israel. Let's have an end to the double standards.


Anonymous said...

Very well said indeed. Everyone seems to be blaming Hamas, and only condemning Israel's "disproportionate" response. Who is going to pay for the lives of nearly 800 Palestinians? Who is going to pay for the 14,000 who's homes where destroyed? Yet the US and many countries support Israel, and continue their trades with the regime.

Israel will continue killing civillians while nothing is done. And once it stops, its as if everything is back to normal. After all its terrorism, relations will again build with the state.

Anonymous said...

An end to double standards would be most welcome. Can you remind me how many civilians our troops have killed in Afghanistan and Iraq in our 'fight against terrorism'?

The Israelis must try harder to protect civilians, even when terrorists are firing rockets from UN controlled schools.

Israel's economic blockade was in place to prevent arms getting through a border controlled by a terrorist government. Your suggestion of economic sanctions against Israel will hardly encourage them to allow the free movement of goods into and out of Gaza.

The one area where you are clearly right is that the double standards are nauseating.