Saturday, 10 January 2009


A late evening call on Thursday, "would I join a delegation to Gaza?"

"How do we get in, and what do we do there?" I ask.

"The Egyptian authorities are offering help at the Rafah crossing, and UNRWA (the UN Reliefs and Works Agency) will do their best to provide transport and security."

So I have a ticket in hand, hoping to join in Cairo with a group of MEPs of different nationalities, but not convinced that the Israelis will let us pass into the Strip.

If they do, I hope to use my eyes and ears, and then report back in a bid at least to influence the shaping of future EU policy.

It would be my fourth visit to Gaza. It would be also an expression of support for the people I have met in the past whose lives have been made intolerable by the Israeli seige and blockade.

Mind you, I have to change planes in London. It's not the Israelis who are most likely to block my progress, it's Heathrow!


Martin said...

Either way, well done for trying, Chris.

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic. I really hope you can get a good feel of the situation in Gaza. I really hope the Israeli's do let you pass through into Gaza. I'm eagerly waiting to hear your experiences once your back. Hope you have a safe journey. Best of luck!