Thursday, 8 January 2009


A call from my delegation leader, Andrew Duff MEP: "We need to rally around the courageous position taken by Nick Clegg in calling for an arms embargo against Israel. Comments on your blog might be taken to suggest that you are calling Israeli's racist, and this is not helpful."

"Someone's been getting at you," I replied.

But I checked my blog, and I think it clear to any impartial reader that words I have used describe Israeli government policy as racist, not Israeli people in general.

But this is how some of the knee jerk pro-Israeli Government lobby works. One word of condemnation of Israeli policy and the critic is branded "anti-semitic."

They also conveniently ignore my consistent condemnation of Hamas rocket attacks!

My first visit to Israel/Palestine was to be present at the launch of an organisation called 'Combatants for Peace,' former IDF soldiers and Palestinian fighters who had come together to call for a change in approach. On my last visit I joined with Israeli peace activists.

By the definition my critics apply to me, some people in this country would be saying that there are "anti-semitic" Jews in Israel.

And to any Israeli government spokesman who dares again to claim that Israel's Palestinian foes do not share the same concern for human life as themselves I say: "Count the bodies and hang your hypocritical head in shame."

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